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Bristol Katana Judo Kai Primary & Junior Competition

Members of SR Judo Club returned with a 17 medal haul as they took a long road trip to an event in Bristol last weekend.

In the primary boys (under 10 years), Harrison Woods and Jenson Crutchley took bronze medals in the U20kg and U25kg categories respectively. Adam Mawdsley impressed in the U25kg to take a much deserved gold medal. Ricco Crowie-McGrath also battled to a gold medal in the U30kg and Riley Russell matched his feat in the U35kg, winning a gold. Harry Waterfield showed some great technique in his category to return with a bronze medal and Charlie Banks also took a bronze in the U40kg.

The primary girls were equally as successful, with Eva Banks and clubmate Niamh McIlwraith both representing SR in the U25kg - it ultimately took another round of fight-offs to decide the medallists in their category; as the evenly matched group came to a head, Niamh returned with the silver medal and Eva took a bronze. In the U30kg, Millie Shaw took a bronze medal and Phoebe Waterfield also won a bronze in the U35kg.

Next up were the junior boys; Curtis Thompson, moving up to the U40kg category took a well-earned silver medal, followed by Daniel Mawdsley in the U45kg who returned with a bronze. In the U50kg, Ben Shaw put in a valiant display to take a bronze medal.

In the junior girls, Eliza Seditas took on some tough opposition as she took a hard-fought silver in the U40kg and Autumn McIlwraith won a bronze medal in the U45kg as she fought in her first competition as a junior. SR’s final judoka to take the mat was newly-appointed club captain, Ruby Gimson - she put on a fantastic display to take home a silver in the U60kg.

Club sensei Lea Barkby commented on the club’s performance: ‘I’m more than happy with everyone’s performance today. We’ve a few points to take back to the club to work on, but all-in-all, our performance and commitment today has been outstanding’.

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