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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

13th November 2022

Two competitions split SR Judo Club this weekend, as the club attended two events. Club coach Lea took seven players to Erdington near Birmingham, whereas one of SR’s other sensei, Andy travelled to Leicester with seven of the younger members of the club - returning with 14 medals between them.

In the West Midlands, Almirah Edwards won all of her fights to return with a gold medal in her category. Brothers Ricco and Fabian Crowie McGrath both showed great spirit to both take silver medals, and Autumn McIlwraith also took a well deserved silver. Phoebe Napier and her sister Sophie both returned with bronze medals, as did team mate Stanley Wright.

Meanwhile in Leicester, Eva Banks fought her way to a much-deserved gold medal, with Gracie Hunstone and Niamh McIlwraith also returning with a golds. Mikey Johnson fought brilliant in his first competition to take a silver, with Charlie Banks taking a silver medal too. Harrison Woods and Reuben Measures returned with bronze medals in their respective categories.

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