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Senior 5th Kyu + 2 Red Tabs Syllabus


Etiquette & Safety:

Kneeling, standing bows and etiquette

Posture, grip and how to walk with a partner



Ushiro Ukemi (back breakfall)

Migi Yoko Ukemi (right side breakfall)

Hidari Yoko Ukemi (left side breakfall)

Mae Ukemi (front breakfall)

Migi Zempo Kaiten Ukemi (right side rolling breakfall)

Hidari Zempo Kaiten Ukemi (left side rolling breakfall)



Tsuri Komi Ashi, Uke avoids, Tori changes attack to Morote Seoi Nage



Demonstrate two hold-downs with escapes and combinations from: Tori on back with Uke between legs, rolls Uke over into hold-downs


Minimum of 2 ‘throw for throw’ style randori practices

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