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Grading - April 2022

Over 50 SR Judo Club members attended gradings last weekend at the club and in Leicester with everyone who competed in the event being promoted higher grades.

In the primary category, Charlie Armini, Charlie Banks, Eva Banks, Grace Harper, Henry Garratt, Gracie Hunstone, Niamh McIlwraith and Reuben Measures all gained two red tabs in their first ever gradings and Teddy Lindsey and Harrison Woods were both promoted to three red tabs. Elsewhere in the primaries, Jenson Crutchley, Ollie Fordbird, Elsie Lindsey, Wren Maisch-Vaughan, Adam Mawdsley, Phoebe Napier, Henry Neville, Max Newton and Xanthie Thorpe all gained one orange tab, Darcey Chamberlain, Harry Waterfield, Phoebe Waterfield, George Wright and Stanley Wright took three orange tab whilst Theo Painter and Millie Shaw were promoted to one green tab. Ricco-Crowie McGrath and Riley Russell both gained three blue tabs.

In the Junior category, Autumn McIlwraith, Daniel Mawdsley and Eliza Winterton got three yellow tabs, whilst Elsie Freakley, Ffion Masch-Vaughan, Sophie Napier and Kaitlyn Ociuer were promoted to yellow belt. Noah Chamberlain, Fabian Crowie-McGrath, Alfie Freakley and Lyla Painter all got three orange tabs on their yellow and Eliza Seditas gained her orange belt. Jack Cross, Almirah Edwards and Curtis Thompson all graded up to orange belt with two green tabs, Will Neville and Gabriel Spence both graded up to orange, three green tabs and Ruby Gimson and Poppy Murphy both added two blue tabs to their green belt.

Three of the club's senior players also graded as Clark Davis gained his orange belt, David Jeffrey was promoted to blue and Oliver Hollis was confirmed as a senior brown belt.

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